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We are an experienced team of food engineers, chefs and nutritional experts. Our team is the best one operating in this sector. It was year 2001 when our founder, Bob came ahead with a brilliant idea. Today we are serving thousands of desperate eaters around the globe. Please learn more about our team here


The Best Diabetic Recipes Are Up Now!

Are you suffering with diabetes? Still you have every right to eat tasty and delicious foods. Our experts are at work and they are continuously working with the best chefs in the town to provide our diabetic readers with easy to prepare and balanced recipes. Just check what we have to offer, eat healthy and stay healthy.




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Understand Alkaline Foods

No two Alkaline Foods Lists are the same, and you will find different opinions in different websites. You should use an alkaline foods list as a general reference to be able to make better choices about your diet. Nothing is black and white, and as you become more...

Be healthy knowing the benefits of the foods you eat.

Foods we all eat are meant to give us joy and keep us healthy. Health should be the main focus while eating any food. Though, any eatable thing can be a food but it cannot be healthy one. So importance lies in eating healthy foods. There are numerous other...

Banana Waffles recipe

Ingredients 1 egg white. 1/3 cup of skim milk. cup of oat bran. cup of pancake mix, fat-free. teaspoon of baking powder. Dash of vanilla. Preparation Instructions: Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the milk and vanilla. Fold whipped egg white. Heat the waffle...