No two Alkaline Foods Lists are the same, and you will find different opinions in different websites. You should use an alkaline foods list as a general reference to be able to make better choices about your diet. Nothing is black and white, and as you become more familiarized with what eating alkaline means, you will develop your own alkaline foods list. We do not like extremes or diet-like approaches. We like to look at being alkaline as a lifestyle, and so it is a flowing and very personalized process.

The general recommendation is to eat a diet that is 60-70% alkaline and 30-40% acidic. We have put together an Alkaline Food Chart that summarizes some of the most relevant foods in six different groups, like this:

On the alkaline foods list side, we have three main groups: Good Alkaline Foods, Better Alkaline Foods, and Best Alkaline Foods.Likewise, in the acid food list side, we have three main groups: Neutral Acidic Foods are those foods that are right there on the edge, these are healthy foods that are a good addition to your diet as part of that 30% of acid foods. The second sub-category here are More Acidic foods, and the last category are Very Acidic foods. Needless to say, this last group are the foods we want to stay away from.

Not in our chart, but very important to keep in mind are the processed foods. The more processed they are, the more acidic. So as much as possible, we should stay away from processed foods, microwave ready foods, and basically all those foods that were not around 150 years ago.